May 29, 2009

Graffiti Around Howard County

Here is a note from HCPD on what you should do...

•If you see graffiti in progress or spot graffiti on a building, wall, fence, etc…call dispatch at 911 or 410-313-2200.
•You can also remain anonymous and call 410-313-STOP, to report graffiti vandals.

Graffiti vandals have no respect for private or public property. The use materials such as aerosol paint, broad-tipped markers, paint sticks, graffiti sticks, engraving devices and etching tools or any other implement capable of marking on and /or scarring glass, medal, concrete or wood. Removal of graffiti is costly expense for both public and private sectors. Graffiti hurts everyone in the community. It is vital and necessary for citizens to take a position against graffiti and report it. It’s imperative that graffiti is removed as soon as possible.

1. Check backpacks for markers and/or spray paint, as well as sketch books, pieces of paper with graffiti on them or aerosol can caps or nozzles, white shoe polish and photographs of graffiti pieces or murals.
2. Check school papers for graffiti, internet web sites such a MySpace, or cell phones.
3. Check for graffiti for graffiti markings or tags on bedroom walls or bedroom furniture.

Here is another good source of information. Click HERE

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