Apr 28, 2009

Community Impact Statements

Did you know that as a citizen you have a right to voice your concerns when crime impacts your neighborhood?

Click HERE to submit your voice using the State's Attorney's website.

Here is more information about Community Impact Statements.....

One of the most difficult functions for a judge to fulfill is the setting of appropriate punishment after a person has been convicted of a crime. We believe judges can best fulfill this obligation when they are aware of the negative impact that a defendant’s activity had on a given community.

Judges traditionally seek input from the victim in making this assessment. We have come to realize that certain crimes have impact far beyond the actual victim. A Community Impact Statement provides the opportunity for residents to express their feeling about the impact of the crime on their community.

We invite citizens to contact us if they wish to express their feelings about a crime in their community immediately. Please fill out the form below and click Submit. Once this form has been received, assuming an arrest has been made, you will be provided with detailed information regarding the charges filed against the suspect(s), along with the status of the case. If no arrest has been made, you will be notified by someone from our staff when/if suspect(s) are arrested and charged. In addition, you will receive a Neighborhood Impact Statement Form to complete. This form requests more detailed information regarding the impact of this crime on your community. Upon completion please sign and mail this information to the address provided. Note: anonymous impact statements are inadmissible in court.

If someone is arrested and prosecuted for this crime, we will compile the statements, and in some cases convene a meeting of those who have submitted statements, in order to discuss the impact of the event. At the time of sentencing this information will be presented to the judge.

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