Jul 14, 2009

Medicare Advantage Plans - Check First with the Howard County Office on Aging (SHIP)

An agent selling Aetna Medicare Advantage plans has done business in Charles County and is now reported being in Anne Arundel County, and possibly in Baltimore County. He targets seniors who are vulnerable or who have a special enrollment period and is getting them out of Original Medicare in favor of a Medicare Advantage plan. He has targeted seniors and switched them from Original Medicare into this Medicare Advantage Plan.

Remember, agents selling Medicare Advantage Plans cannot come to your door and sell these policies, UNLESS, YOU invite them to come to your home. Be wary of any agent calling or coming to your door trying to sell you a Medicare Advantage Plan; make sure you fully understand what these plans do and do not do. If you have questions about health insurance plans, please call the Howard County Office on Aging, specifically the SHIP Office: 410 313 7392.

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