Jul 31, 2009

What is Happening to the Savage Mill Trail and What is Our Community Doing About It?

Litter, drinking and drug use! That's what's happening. Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity and make sure to call 410-313-2200 to request regular weekend bike and K9 patrols along both sides of the river. Graffiti should also be reported to 410-313-2200.

This man was picking up trash on the south side of the river as we picked up trash on the north side. Hats off to this guy! Thank you for helping to keep the Savage Mill trail clean. You are a hero.


Anonymous said...

There are lots of people who talk abiut making a differnce, and then there are those that back it up by serving tirelessly. Kudo's to you Janis, a Savage original and visionary.

Charity said...

Was at the Savage Mill Trail today and saw they are clearing out lots of trees. Looks like they are putting in a road. Anyone know what's going on?

Anonymous said...

Sewer project.