Oct 7, 2009

Forum on Emergency Preparedness - Tuesday 10/6/09 7 p.m.

League of Women Voters’ Forum on Emergency Preparedness

The League of Women Voters will host a panel representing departments and agencies that support emergency responses in times of disaster. Learn more about the County’s emergency preparedness plans and steps you can take to prepare your family.
Howard County Department of Education Board Room
For information, call 301-596-5460

Hats off to the Howard County League of Women Voters for thinking ahead and helping our communities to be prepared.

Update: 10/7/09 - I was the sole representation of Savage at this very important discussion last evening regarding emergency preparations for our neighborhood in the event of a natural or man made emergency. I was very impressed with the collaboration between departments and plan to gather more information to share with my neighbors.

Please ask yourself, what am I doing to prepare my family and my neighborhood for an emergency. It is the responsibility of community associations to coordinate these types of forums to provide this information to citizens and it is the responsibility of citizens to prepare. Click HERE to learn more or to coordinate training for your community.

As reported by Melissa Dunkerson, Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Dept. of Health, for information on flu vaccinations, check out the Health Department's Website.

Thank you to the following for coming out to meet w/ community leaders who are playing an active role in community readiness.

William Goddard, Fire Chief, Dept. of Fire & Rescue
Ryan Miller, Deputy Director, Office of Emergency
Management, Dept. of Fire & Rescue

William McMahon, Chief, Dept. of Police
Melissa Dunkerson, Director, Office of Emergency
Preparedness, Dept. of Health

Susan Rosenbaum, Director, Dept. of Citizen Services

And thank you to The League of Women Voters for hosting.

Media coverage of this event will be broadcast on GTV in October. Friday, October 9th at 4 p.m. and others dates.

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