Oct 5, 2009

Highlights of Informal Meeting - Vollmerhausen and Guilford Road Changes

Subject: Rt 1 and Vollmerhausen
Submitted by: Mrs. Pitts, a Savage resident who attended a recent meeting on the topic.

We hope some of you went up to Bollman Elem. School to look at the proposed improvements to Guilford Rd. If you didn't get there here's the highlights:

Guilford Rd will be widened and eventually there will be sidewalks all the way to Rt 1 from Guilford/Oakland Mills Rd. Guilford Rd west: The hill and curve that is on your left as you sit at end of Vollmerhausen Rd will be graded and straightened so it's not so dangerous to get out of Vollmerhausen Rd onto Guilford. The grading for the hill/curve is budgeted and should be done in a year. There will be a TRAFFIC LIGHT at Vollmerhausen & Guilford Rd -- at last! Sidewalks will take a bit longer because engineers will have to get residents' approval to grade land to put in sidewalks.

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