Oct 5, 2009

Watch Howard County's Council Live Webcasts Starting 10/5/09

Congratulations to our councilwoman Jen Terrasa and the entire county council for making information available to Savage residents!

New Release: County Executive Ken Ulman and Council Chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty have announced that beginning Monday, October 5th, the County will officially launch new video streaming technology that will enable the public to view County Council public hearings and legislative sessions through the Internet. The Council sessions will be available either live or on demand, at the viewer’s convenience, from the “webcast” link on the homepage. The first live webcast will be the Council’s Legislative Session on the 5th beginning at 7:30 pm.

To view the entire text of this news release click here.

To be connected to the live and archived Council sessions, click on the “webcast” link on this page in the upper right corner.

This is a great way for Savage residents to keep up with important matters in our town and county. Way to go Howard County I.T. team!

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