Nov 11, 2009

A Message from the Governor - Honoring Our Veterans

A Message from the Governor
Honoring Our Veterans

This week as we recognize Veterans Day, we pause to honor those brave soldiers who have defended our nation throughout history. Tomorrow, I'll share the holiday first with area educators who will be receiving training on the unique needs of military children, particularly those whose parents are deployed on active duty. Later, I'll join my wife Katie where she will accept letters of gratitude from over 300 students to be sent to military veterans and their families as part of "Operation Appreciation." Students from around the state will write letters of appreciation to our nation's veterans.

Our nation is built upon the generations of brave men and women who squared their shoulders against the forces of fear and tyranny so that we could continue to enjoy the blessings of this nation and our way of life.

Just as these veterans have always been there for us – through times of turmoil and tranquility, through famine, flood and war – we as a people are committed to being there for them. Last year, we signed into law legislation that ensures that Maryland's veterans receive the reintegration services they deserve. In addition to providing crisis services and better behavioral benefits for our veterans, this legislation helps those veterans obtain access to mental health services upon their return home from deployment.

Currently, more than 370 troops from Maryland remain active in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are husbands and wives, parents and friends. To those currently serving, and to the veterans of America: Thank you.

Martin O'Malley

And...Happy Veterans Day to all Savage residents who are Veterans! Thank you for serving our country.

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