Jan 16, 2010

Savage Historical Society Open House 1/18/10 7 p.m.

In an attempt to stimulate more interest in the historical field throughout the Savage community, the SAVAGE HISTORICAL SOCIETY (SHS) will be hosting an "OPEN HOUSE" during its JANUARY 18TH MEETING; convening at 7:00 p.m. in Room 3, Faith & Ministry Center, 9032 Baltimore Street (use side entrance please).

Savage Historical Society
President Galen R. Menne will "Welcome" those in attendance and introduce guests. Immediately following, the attendees will move to another room to view displays of a variety of items/subjects of interest that have been donated/shared with SHS.

Amongst the display will be the 2008 Savage Memory Book compiled and donated by Savage resident - Janis Markopoulos. Janis will be presenting the 2009 Savage Memory Book at this "OPEN HOUSE". The 2010 historical calendar, "Wedding Memories from Savage, Maryland" (other calendars from 2002-2009) as well as several SHS publications will be available for viewing and purchasing. Light refreshments will be served.


George Markopoulos said...

Sweetheart, you have given so selflessly the past few years. Savage is really going to miss you and no one will be able to fill your shoes.
The "SCA", which has already fallen off the map into hibernation mode.
Weren't they supposed to be ramping up NHW? How long has it been now since they have taken over?

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is a lack of consistent communication and mature leadership.

People were showing up at Carroll Baldwin Hall expecting a meeting last night and either the venue changed with no notice or the membership wasn't notified that there was no meeting. The website has no information at all.

It's sad that due to this lack of communication, senior citizens come out in the cold and waited for someone to show up, yet there was no meeting and nothing posted on the door.

George Markopoulos said...

sadly, par for the course with those cohorts