Mar 2, 2010

Boy Scout Troop (#602) MULCH FundRaiser

Boy Scout Troop (#602) MULCH FundRaiser
Black shredded (2 cubic foot) - $4.25/bag (this seems to be a growing favorite... we've switched over to black mulch and love it)
Red shredded (2 cubic foot) - $4.25/bag
Brown shreeded (3 cubic foot) - $4.25/bag
Large Nugget Pine Bark Mulch (3 cubic foot) - $6.25/bag.

We get the mulch from Zimmerman's Hardware, so it's a known supplier and quality.

The beauty of this fundraiser is the Troop delivers the mulch to YOUR DRIVEWAY! How sweet is that? No stinking up your car, no broken bags in your car, and very little lifting on your part!

Mulch will be delivered on Saturday, April 24.

If you need mulch this year, please consider ordering from our Troop. It's a Win - Win deal!
If you have any questions or would like to place an order, give me a call or send me an email. Payment is due when we place the order (I think it's late March, but need to verify the date).

Cheri & Jake
240-463-4031 (cell)

Please feel free to share this with your neighbors!
(If you're out of the Troop's delivery, we'll deliver your mulch ourselves either that evening or the next day)

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