Mar 13, 2010

Hammond High School 12th Annual Substance Free After Prom Party

Hammond High School
“Where People Are Important”
8800 Guilford Rd-Columbia, MD 21046
(410) 313-7615

Dear Hammond High School Community,
Last year, with the support of Hammond families, businesses and the local community, Hammond High School PTSA sponsored a very successful After Prom Party. It was a huge success with more than 311 students attending. That means there were 311 kids not drinking and driving or engaging in other dangerous activities on their special night!

On May 1 – 2nd, 2010, Hammond High School PTSA will host our 12th Annual Substance Free After Prom Party so that our children can continue their Prom celebration in a safe and entertaining environment. This event is a drug and alcohol free alternative to un­supervised home and hotel parties. We are asking that you make the After Prom party the ONLY party available after this year's prom, sending them to us at the AMC Columbia Theater and rest easier knowing that they are safe and still having a great time with their friends.
We are asking for your financial support so that we can make the After Prom Party affordable for all students. This year’s economy has fundraisers coming in low. The theater and entertainment has to be booked in advance due to availability. We are counting on donations from the families and businesses of Hammond High students to help cover the cost of this important event. Like last year we will be offering movies, games, activities, and prizes. The number and type of prizes and food we can provide this year will depend on the amount of donations we receive by April 17th. We are hoping that each family will be able to contribute to this fabulous event. The suggested donation is $25 from each junior and senior family and $10 from each freshman and sophomore family. However, please feel free to donate whatever amount you are comfortable with to support this annual event. We are also looking for donations of items to use as door prizes the night of the party such as TVs, DVD players, gift certificates to local businesses, gas cards, iPods etc. Please see the HHS Web site for more details on potential donation items.

In return for your donation, we will publish your name, the name of your organization, or the name of your business in the Hammond High PTSA newsletter and on all After Prom posters. We will be happy to provide you with a letter acknowledging your donation for your tax records. To be sure we have all of your information, please fill out the information section below and return it with your donation. Thanks so much for your support!
With Appreciation,
The Hammond PTSA After Prom Committee
Cathy Loeffler and Catherine Miller, Co Chairs -

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Name of representative if organization: _________________________________________

Phone: ______________________

Email: _____________________________________

Please indicate your donation below:

*Monetary Donation Check #___________ Amount $____________
*Gift Card Donation Store: ___________________ Value $ ____________
*College Item Please Specify: ___________________ Value $_____________
*Other Please Specify: ____________________ Value $_____________

All monetary donations should be a check or money order made payable to Hammond PTSA and sent to the address above.
Please note “After Prom” in memo.

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