Apr 15, 2010

Savage Memorial Gardens - Looking for Shrub Donations

One of two gardens along Fair Street have been spruced up for the spring.
If you have shrubs to donate, feel free to plant them in the garden on the left side along fair street.  Thanks to Savage Park employees and HoCo Recreation and Parks for providing mulch.
The 2nd garden is scheduled to be mulched next week.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is fantastic and it has become the single source-one stop shop for a wealth of valuable and useful information. I’ve lived here in Savage for 20+ years, and I think I speak for all the Savages: you will be impossible to replace Janis. Hears to wishing you much success in whatever the next step has in store for you. Having said that, I hope you will continue to help guide and shape the future of Savage by seeing that your vision is brought to fruition.Cheers from a grateful and original Savage