May 17, 2010

Help Local Schools - Special Piano Offer to Families of Howard County Public Schools 5/21/10 - 5/23/10

For Families of Howard County Public Schools,

During the past year, our schools have had the benefit of using over $150,000 worth of new acoustic and digital pianos provided to us free, through an ongoing relationship with Maryland Piano Service in Columbia. Many of our schools were fortunate to use these instruments during the past school year. We are very grateful that Maryland Piano Service has donated the use of these instruments to better the music education of our students. This arrangement is an excellent answer to the age-old problem of having older pianos in school systems that are in constant need of repair or replacement. We need your assistance to perpetuate this invaluable program.

Each year the loaned pianos are exchanged for new ones and the one-year old pianos are offered first to families of HCPSS students at a fraction of their retail value. A number of famous name brand studio, grand, and digital pianos will be available. Approximately 30 spinets and console pianos are priced at $2,500 or less – not to mention great sale prices on new and used baby grand pianos. These instruments have been professionally maintained and many carry new 12-year warranties. Financing and delivery can be arranged.

We invite you to attend a special pre-sale on Friday, May 21, Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23 prior to the general public sale at the Maryland Piano location in Columbia, 9143 Red Branch Road off Route 108. For an appointment, please call 410-997-8388 or visit their website

As budgetary sources remain limited, the importance of this creative program increases. Having sufficient pianos in our music departments is essential for our students. With this in mind, we ask you to take time to go and see these special pianos.

Thank you for your support of music in our schools.
Robert White
Instructional Facilitator of Music

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