May 5, 2010

North Laurel Skate Park Design Team Solicites Input

This comment has been posted on the Facebook Page for the North Laurel Skate Park.  If you want to get involved, join the group or complete the survey at the bottom of this post.

From - Vince Onel - May 5 at 4:08pm

Hey guys,
Please take a look in the group photos to find 3 different design options for the future skatepark in North Laurel. Please write comments based on these questions.

Which design do you like best and why?
How could your preferred design be improved?
What elements do you specifically like or dislike?
How do you feel about the street/transition ratio?

None of these designs are final. You will have another opportunity to give more specific feedback after we narrow in on the single design you guys like the best.

Also, please vote for the design you like the best here:

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