Jul 14, 2010

Community CleanUp, Saturday 7/31/10

Hello! Just wanted to touch base with you all about the community cleanup we have scheduled for Saturday, July 31. The cleanup will be from 9-11 and we are going to meet outside the shops at Savage Mill – specifically in the courtyard outside of Ram’s Head Tavern. The Recreation and Parks Department will pick up trash that we collect.

So far, we have only 2 people who volunteered to come to the cleanup. So if you can think of some people that might be interested, feel free to twist some arms so we can get more people out there  I am continuing to contact people including local media (thank you Steve Adams for the local paper contact).

Thanks for your help!


1 comment:

SD said...

Why should the residents of Savage clean up the mess left by the crowds that are there every day of the week. You can clean it up, but by Monday it will be the same.
Enforce the no litering law, make them pay for the mess and maybe they'll go away. I don't expect anyone to clean up after me. It would be great to have it clean and beautiful, but until you end the crowds and have regulations, it's not going to work.