May 13, 2009

Way to Go HCPD Aviation Unit!

We hear them up there all the time, so I thought we should get to know the guys who are flying over our town protecting us. Meet the HCPD Aviation Unit. Last night these guys circling above helped to catch some bad guys in our town. Way to go HCPD! Thank you for helping to keep the residents of Savage safe.

Click HERE for a special song for these guys.

Beat E2
2GO CONVENIENCE STORE, 9000 WASHINGTON BLVD, 5/12 2314. An officer responded to a business alarm and followed a suspicious vehicle. The driver bailed out in the 8300 block of Woodward Street. The passenger was arrested without resistance. The driver was located by a police helicopter and arrested. Cigarettes and lottery tickets
were recovered. 09-47672
ARRESTED: Robert Barbour Jr., 48, of Hyattsville (driver)
Carrie Faison Fryar, 57, of Landover (passenger)

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