Aug 28, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover is in Our Area - This Weekend

Click HERE to read about this cool local project and how you and/or your business can help. My company, Jordan Kitts Music in College Park, MD is donating a brand new piano to this awesome project.

How you can help??
They are desperately in need of these remaining goods and materials for the two builds — and time is of the essence! If you can help, please call Mike Baker of Burch Builders Group at 301-367-3133. This is a list of what they need:

100 ft of aluminum or vinyl flashing
2200 squares of cedar breather or equivalent
1800 sq ft of 15lb felt
350 ft of 24″ silt fence
interior trim ( base and casing)
Plexi-glass company
20 3/4″ Mdf
30 3/4″ finish ply
10 1/2″ finish ply
40 2×4x8
15 2×6x10
(New) Furniture Company
(New) Kids¹ Furniture Company
Wallpaper Hangers (5-10)
Specialty Lighting Company
Specialty Carpenters
CNC Router
New Toys
Books – can be new or used
(New) Sporting Goods Store
(New) Mattress Company
Computers (1-3 laptops)
Office Supplies
Lighting Company (Lamps, Office Desk Lighting)
Fun Colorful Art Pieces (paintings, framed photography, prints etc send link to photo only to be considered)
Large Office Copier
Large Office Postal Meter
Board Games
2 Wooden Picnic Tables

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