Oct 14, 2009

General Growth Properties' Proposal for Downtown Columbia Plan

General Growth Properties presented its proposal for Downtown Columbia Plan to the Council last night on 10/13/09.

The documents (GPA and ZRA) they presented to the Council are now available on the Council’s website:

GPA: http://www.co.ho.md.us/CountyCouncil/CCdocs/Downtown%20Columbia%20Plan(GPA).pdf

ZRA: http://www.co.ho.md.us/CountyCouncil/CCdocs/ZRA%20113%20Legislative%20Text.pdf

Last night's briefing began at 7 p.m. at the Board of Education, 10910 Route 108, Ellicott City, MD 21042.

As a reminder for those of you who couldn't be there in person, the briefing will be televised on GTv. In addition, you can watch the briefing live or in the future, via our web-streaming technology, Granicus. Please follow the link to http://www.co.ho.md.us/CountyCouncil/CC_Watch_The_Council.htm.

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