Apr 25, 2010

Write Stories About Savage in the Village Connector

Our first edition of the Village Connector will launch in Howard County on Monday, April 26. If you are in Howard County and would like to volunteer to write or support us in some other fashion please contact me immediately.

Here's a link to five short videos that explain how the program works:

The remaining editions below will be launched as originally scheduled below:
Anne Arundel County (early May)
Montgomery County (early May)
Prince Georges County (early May)
Baltimore County (early May)

If you are in one of the above counties please contact me directly to find out how you can participate. As a reminder below are the types of things we need help with. Please find something you can do and contact us!

Here's what we need help with right now in each of the above counties:
1) Volunteer reporters - We need people who will write news stories and submit them to us with pictures relevant to the stories. We would like to have at least 20-30 people writing in each county, and picking specific categories that they will cover regularly like sports, or entertainment, etc. People can cover more than one category if they like, but if everyone picks at least one that would be great.

The pics and stories must be taken and written by you. Events like little league games, and other community events are perfect. Please contact me immediately if you would like to write stories or if you know someone who would like to write. I want to make sure we get coverage of as many topical categories as possible.

If you have already sent us this information to us in the past please resend it just to make sure we have it handy.

2) Spread the word! - Start talking up the project to your social media friends and get them to follow up on Twitter and to join the mailing list on the front page of the website.

3) Editors - We need people who can edit the articles submitted by reporters for content, format, and aesthetics.
Let's get excited! It's time our communities had something to which they can look forward. Let's make Village Connector a big part of community pride everywhere!

Your humble servant,
Glenn K. Garnes
Village Connector Online Community Newspaper
(301) 776-1490 Ext. 101
Internet Media Properties, Inc., 12404 Radnor Lane, Laurel, MD 20708, USA

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